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Our View: A gun control measure we can all agree on

Posted yesterday in Dispatch Editorials

The 17 deaths at Parkland High School in Florida last month re-ignited the gun control debate throughout the country, pitting those who argue for tighter restrictions on guns against those who view any move in that direction as an assault on Second Amendment rights.



Voice of the people: Lee Roy Lollar, Jr.



Froma Harrop: Capital idea: Seize the oligarchs' Manhattan penthouses

Posted yesterday in National Columns

The poisoning of a Russian ex-spy in the English countryside has roused Britons to two truths: Vladimir Putin regards their country as an easy mark, but it's also an extremely pleasant place for his oligarchs to live.


Possumhaw: Here today, gone tomorrow

Posted 3/19/2018 in Local Columns

I rather vowed I would not discuss closet organizing or capsule wardrobes or anything like that for my Lenten commitment. After only four days I realized it was a terrible commitment because we are right in the middle of a season change where one day it's a chilling 30 degrees and the next day it's a warm 70 degrees.


Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett



Mississippi Voices: The magnificent John Grisham couldn't beat this

Posted 3/19/2018 in National Columns

Roger Wicker is a pinko. Yes, he claims to be conservative, but every other Tuesday at 5 a.m. he goes to Nancy Pelosi's house to give her a pedicure. Mississippi's junior U.S. senator stands in the way of our great leader, Donald Trump. And the flag. Don't forget, Wicker hates Mississippi's flag.


Ask Rufus: Factory Hill, Frog Bottom or Burns Bottom, it's a historic neighborhood

Posted 3/17/2018 in Local Columns

The neighborhood is now commonly called Burns Bottom but in the past has also been known as Factory Hill and Frog Bottom. It is one of the oldest and most historic neighborhoods in Columbus.

Partial to Home: A teacher's legacy

Posted 3/17/2018 in Local Columns

OK, here's a math problem for you, one I was faced with one day last week. A 1-cubic-foot bag of topsoil at a big box store costs $1.50. A yard of topsoil from the Lowndes County Co-Op is $40.


Other Editors: 3/18/18

Posted 3/17/2018 in National Columns

So someone thinks it's funny, or intimidating, or acceptable to send a letter filled with racial slurs to a public official. Wonderful. The Mississippi haters must be ecstatic. Sure, every state and country has its share of racist hate-mongers -- but, we can imagine them thinking, at least they're not Mississippi.



Leonard Pitts Jr.: In defense of cultural appropriation

Posted 3/17/2018 in National Columns

I'm here to defend cultural appropriation. "Cross-cultural influence," would be the less pejorative phrase. But the term above, with its connotations of grand-theft culture, is the one favored by some African-American activists who've had it up to here with nonblack performers borrowing the soul and style of Michael, Marvin and Prince. Singer Bruno Mars is the latest to feel their ire.



Mona Charen: Much more than economics

Posted 3/17/2018 in National Columns

There are so many things to lament about the modern world -- fracturing families, the rise of authoritarianism, the rage for torn jeans -- but there is also much to celebrate and savor. One is the abundance of great conversation available through podcasts. There's my own, of course, "Need to Know," and then there is the master.


Slimantics: Have the stars aligned for Miss. Democrats?

Posted 3/16/2018 in Local Columns

Ever since the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the idea that a coalition of progressive white and black voters in Mississippi could break the stranglehold of conservative politics in a state-wide race has been largely an unproven theory.


Patrick Buchanan: Is the GOP staring at another 1930?

Posted 3/16/2018 in National Columns

After the victory of Donald Trump in 2016, the GOP held the Senate and House, two-thirds of the governorships, and 1,000 more state legislators than they had on the day Barack Obama took office.



Voice of the people: John Acker


Home Base: In black communities, 'traffic stop safety' is a priority conversation

Posted 3/15/2018 in Local Columns

Walking up to the driver's side of a pickup that was "pulled over" by Lowndes County sheriff's deputies Tuesday evening in the Oak Grove MB Church parking lot on Taylor Thurston Road, the pastor and I muttered our lines to ourselves as we shuffled closer to the vehicle.


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