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Voice of the people: Lee Roy Lollar, Jr.




Gun laws are not the answer 


It didn't take long for the gun grab to organize after the tragic shooting in Florida. With the speed that the protesters organized, you would think they knew the shooting was going to happen. There are so many variables in the shooting, I don't understand why the NRA is to blame. There is enough blame to go around, and the NRA doesn't figure in the equation. Multiple red flags to the local authorities were ignored. The FBI were probably too busy with the Russian collusion and other more important matters to follow up on the shooter. My biggest problem is the anti-gun groups are using the kids to promote their ideas about gun control and make it about the kids. Most of the kids don't have the foggiest why they are there, other than a day out of school. The adults in charge of these protest should be charged with child abuse. Shame on them! Now, see the politician in the protest laying down and we really have a protest. The number of gun laws on the books to date are some where between 900 to 20,000. How is gun control working in Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit? These cities have the strictest gun laws on the books. Common sense shows more laws will not solve the problem. The NRA is not the problem. Watch those leading the protest in D.C and see how many armed people are around them. Taking guns away from the law abiding citizens will give the criminal control of all aspects of life. Hitler's Germany is a great example of disarming the citizens.  


A closing thought: How can you send a 18-20 year old to war to fight for your rights and then deny them the right to buy a hunting rifle? Think about it and use some common sense. 


Lee Roy Lollar, Jr. 





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