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Charlie Mitchell: One way or the other, voters to make electoral history

Posted 11/13/2018 in Local Columns

For weeks if not months, there is media and coffee club speculation about the hearts and minds of American voters. Then election day comes, and we find out. The answer in Mississippi was, "We're pretty much where we were two years ago, four years ago, six years ago ..."



Patrick Buchanan: Macron to Trump: 'You're No Patriot!'

Posted 11/13/2018 in National Columns

In a rebuke bordering on national insult Sunday, Emmanuel Macron retorted to Donald Trump's calling himself a nationalist.



Leonard Pitts Jr.: What journalists do

Posted 11/12/2018 in National Columns

"The fact that a man is a newspaper reporter is evidence of some flaw in character." -- Lyndon Johnson "They are a sort of assassins..." -- John Quincy Adams



Other Editors 11-12-18

Posted 11/12/2018 in National Columns

Congressman Jared Polis quietly made history Tuesday night. Early results indicate Colorado voters have made him the first openly gay governor to win election in America.



Mona Charen: Who votes Republican?

Posted 11/12/2018 in National Columns

Exit polls aren't always 100 percent reliable. For example, in 2016, the exit interviews suggested that Donald Trump would lose Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and North Carolina by small margins. He won all of them.


Possumhaw: 'Twas a dark and stormy night

Posted 11/11/2018 in Local Columns

Monday a week ago, severe weather warnings were issued for the wee hours. That night, Sam -- the weather watcher -- said, "I'll set the alarm for 1 a.m. and get up and check the TV."

Results of one chancery judge race still unclear

Posted 11/9/2018 in Local Columns

The runoff picture for the Chancery district 14, Place 1 judgeship remained unclear Thursday evening after Oktibbeha County released updated vote totals.


Other Editors: Preparation imperative when next pandemic hits

Posted 11/9/2018 in Local Columns

When you stop and allow it to sink in, the scope of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic is simply staggering.



Patrick J. Buchanan: The war for the soul of America

Posted 11/9/2018 in National Columns

The war in Washington will not end until the presidency of Donald Trump ends. Everyone seems to sense that now. This is a fight to the finish.



Our View: New taxes for local projects likely to get a lot easier next year

Posted 11/8/2018 in Dispatch Editorials

In normal years, the idea of asking the Mississippi Legislature to increase a tax would be about as logical as asking Gov. Phil Bryant to speak at a Black Lives Matter rally.



Voice of the people: Raymond Gross

I'm proud to say that I supported Chris McDaniel to represent Mississippi for the two remaining years of the Thad Cochran six-year term in our U.S. Senate.



Other Editors: More to climb

Posted 11/8/2018 in Local Columns

Mississippi has made progress toward catching up with the rest of the nation in the academic achievement of its students. According to a report released this week, Mississippi over the past 12 years has shown more improvement in math and reading scores on a respected national test than the U.S. average.



Froma Harrop: Democrats need an immigration policy fast

Posted 11/8/2018 in National Columns

In recent months, the political leadership of two neighboring countries with large immigration programs issued very different messages. They would be the United States and Canada.



Patrick J. Buchanan: Has Bloomberg begun the battle for 2020?

Posted 11/7/2018 in National Columns

Did former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg just take a page out of the playbook of Sen. Ed Muskie from half a century ago?



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