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Steve Chapman: The long nightmare of the dreamers

Posted yesterday in National Columns

A lot has happened in America since April 25, 2001 -- the 9/11 attacks, two major wars, the Great Recession, the first black president, the iPhone, a Cubs World Series title and Donald Trump.



Mona Charen: The commencement speech you never hear

Posted yesterday in National Columns

My youngest son's college graduation ceremony was scheduled to be held outdoors. The invitation specified that it would be moved inside to the gym only in the event of "severe" weather. As it turned out, the day was unseasonably cold (low 50s) with occasional drizzle -- probably about as nasty as the weather gets in May without qualifying for severe status.



Leonard Pitts: Trump supporters speak

Posted yesterday in National Columns

We're going to try something different today. Rather than pontificate yet again upon the motives of Donald Trump's supporters, I'll let a few of them explain themselves in their own words.



Froma Harrop: America's clown show negotiations are not funny

Posted 5/24/2018 in National Columns

When bluster ends in capitulation, what do other negotiating partners see? Blood in the water.



Leonard Pitts: 'I was wrong' -- the three hardest words in the English language

Posted 5/23/2018 in National Columns

They might be the three hardest words in the English language: "I was wrong."



Froma Harrop: Does more debt lead to fewer babies?

Posted 5/22/2018 in National Columns

Romper, a website for young mothers, asks a good question. Is crushing student debt a big factor in millennials' not having children? Its answer is yes.



Editorial cartoon 5/21/18

Posted 5/21/2018 in National Columns



Steve Chapman: Why young Americans are drawn to socialism

Posted 5/19/2018 in National Columns

Capitalism has been the most dynamic force for economic progress in history.



Adriana Cohen: Israel has no friend in Democrats

Posted 5/19/2018 in National Columns

Do Democrats truly stand for democracy, LGBT and women's rights, or even freedom?



Leonard Pitts: For some, 'faith' has little to do with Jesus

Posted 5/19/2018 in National Columns

Today, we will discuss one of the most pressing threats to American Christianity. Meaning, of course, American Christians.



Other editors: Hall right about super long rigs

Posted 5/19/2018 in National Columns

Dick Hall is a person worth listening to when it comes to transportation issues not just in Mississippi but across the country.



Steve Chapman: Sports betting will complete the gambling revolution

Posted 5/17/2018 in National Columns

We think of revolutions as sudden, spectacular events, much like earthquakes or erupting volcanoes that transform the landscape overnight. But sometimes they occur so slowly and quietly that it's possible to overlook how much change they bring about.



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